May 10, 2011

Annisa, NYC

The last post about the New York trip couldn't be from any other spot other than Annisa. My first time there was with my dear friend Paula (she has a gorgeous blog, in Portuguese) back in September where she introduced me to this spot.

The chef Anita Lo prepares my favorite miso marinated sable ever. I tried similar dishes from other restaurants, but Annisa prepares my favorite. They also offer some butterscotch  beignets that are wonderful. 

If you have a chance of trying it out, I'm sure you will delight yourself.

May 8, 2011

Grimaldi Pizzeria, Brooklyn NY

Word of mouth plays long ways.  On my last trip to New York, I really wanted to revisit Brooklyn.  After many years from the first time, I wanted to see the changes and new vibe that came into the area. 

One of my great friends from Brazil heard from her boss about Grimaldi's Pizza and said we couldn't possibly miss it. We heard "it was the best pizza ever" but there is always an hour wait line.

With a beautiful sunny day out, it was not a problem! We had a margarita with goat cheese that was so delicious. It was worth the wait and definitely kept it up for the expectations.

May 5, 2011

Magnolia Bakery, NYC

I have to confess that the first time ever that I heard from Magnolia Bakery was when Carrie talked about their cupcakes on Sex and the City.  

Since then, lots happened and few visits later, I still enjoy their cupcakes very much but also got a chance to try other pastries and goodies.  It's worth a stop by there every time!

May 4, 2011

for those sweet craving days... Gorgeous organic soft-serve ice cream at Zero Zero

A picture is worth more than 10,000 words, right?  

So, to celebrate the "real" beginning of the springy sunshine and warm temperatures, nothing better than the gorgeous ice cream offered at Zero Zero.  

You can include a warm chocolate cake, toffee and fudge (like I chose!).

May 2, 2011

Burma Super Star, Inner Richmond, SF

Burmanese food was, until pretty recently, a huge mystery in my stomach encyclopedia. It's supposed to be a combination of Asian flavors, with special culinary influence from Thailand and India. 

Burma Super Star is located in the Inner Richmond in San Francisco, in a street full of Asian markets and small shops. While the menu is diverse, we try to stick to recommendations: we had a Tea Leaf Salad that was incredibly tasty. We also had a lamb curry that was so delicious, not over spicy, but so flavorful. 

We will definitely come back soon!