Apr 29, 2011

Bar Masa, Aria Resort & Casino, Las Vegas

The Michelin starred Japanese and sushi Chef Masa Takayama opened the Bar Masa at the Aria Resort & Casino in 2009. The place is a more casual version of his NYC and Vegas restaurants, still keeping the flare and techniques that made him famous and well-known. 

The dishes are served tapas style and have the perfection of Japanese recipes and more contemporary approaches. It was perfect for a quick meal before the concert.

Apr 27, 2011

Guerilla Cafe, Gourmet Ghetto, Berkeley

One of our great friends Rosemary introduced us to the gorgeous waffles at Guerilla Cafe in Berkeley.  With their upbeat Latino influence, they have Che Guevara printed on the walls, great salad and panini suggestions in a small and energetic spot.

Their must is, however, the waffles... they come in interesting flavors, this one was homemade butternut squash. Incredible!! 

Apr 25, 2011

Greenburger's, Haight San Francisco

Man, I have been busy.  Started taking Photoshop, bikram yoga and mandarin classes. It's been crazy. I have been enjoying, love to learn new things, but on the down side, I had disappeared from the Art of Savouring! Sorry guys!

That doesn't mean we haven't been eating out and trying all sorts of places and food.  It's lined up spots in Vegas, NY, Yountville and the beloved San Francisco.
Getting back to the topic:  

We tried one of the best burgers in San Francisco - just my opinion. Really, Greenburgers is a new spot in the Haight area and it's so good, well seasoned, perfectly cooked, well priced. And they have a delicious sweet potato fries.