Mar 4, 2011

Twenty Five Lusk, SoMa San Francisco

San Francisco is a relatively small city compared to New York and Los Angeles and doesn't have as much old history as Paris and Rome.  But there is such an impressive unique vibe about this city that mingles so well with it's natural beauty and the sense of freedom echoing from its people.  All that to say that the architecture has not been always the priority on the restaurants around the city. That has been changing. Twenty Five Lusk was nominated one of the top 3 best restaurants in San Francisco on its architecture and decoration.

It was indeed beautiful, modern, strong and still cozy. Located in a small not-through street in SoMa, we came when they were soft-opening their Sunday brunches. Service was slow, but as they mentioned, they were still adjusting to the menu and schedule. Food was delicious, drinks were okay and we had a great experience. 

Are we coming back? Most likely yes, but in few months. Let's they get into full speed. :)

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