Mar 28, 2011

Prospect, San Francisco

San Francisco has been getting some very tall skyscrapers in the Downtown area. In one of those high modern buildings is located Prospect

Their brunch is tasty, nothing too extraordinary. The plates are beautiful, ingredients fresh. Services was okay, it seemed understaffed and slow. 

Mar 24, 2011

Pizza Antica, Lafayette

The East Bay, for those who doesn't know, is the area located east of the San Francisco Bay.  During one visit to the area of Lafayette, an upscale small town close to the larger Concord, we tried Pizza Antica

They are a local pizza chain that prepares brick-oven delicious pizzas and some fabulous focaccia bread!

Mar 16, 2011

Sushirrito = sushi + burrito, San Francisco

It's unbelievable and amazing how human beings can be so creative. And the art of reinvent and innovate is what differentiates us from computers and machines.  

Sushirrito "offers made-to-order, hand-held sushi burritos stuffed with savory Asian and Latin-infused ingredients and flavors."

We tried the Three Amigos and Smokin' Chicken.  The chicken one was delicious, full of flavor and very tasteful. I enjoyed the combination of burrito and sushi very much and will go back!

Mar 11, 2011

oola, San Francisco

I think everybody has a restaurant close to home that you always meant to try and never did. oola was this place for me. We decided to change this on a Sunday morning.

They serve an amazing steak and potato hash with an egg, that is so delicious. This dish is heavy on the protein side, combining sausage, steak and egg and although it sounds like too much, it tasted incredible! The croque and drinks were good.

Mar 7, 2011

Kasa Indian Eatery, Castro San Francisco

There is a growing niche market that serves fast food combined with fresh quality ingredients. Chipotle, the Mexican chain, goes along this line and has grown fast across the US. In a smaller scale, Kasa Indian Eatery explores some traditional Indian recipes in a simple and cool environment, using local fresh ingredients. 

You can choose a Thali (which is a plate like the one in the picture): you choose two entrées and it comes with sauces, bread, yogurt sauce and vegetable pickles for US$10.95. It's a great deal and the portions are generous and delicious!

Mar 4, 2011

Twenty Five Lusk, SoMa San Francisco

San Francisco is a relatively small city compared to New York and Los Angeles and doesn't have as much old history as Paris and Rome.  But there is such an impressive unique vibe about this city that mingles so well with it's natural beauty and the sense of freedom echoing from its people.  All that to say that the architecture has not been always the priority on the restaurants around the city. That has been changing. Twenty Five Lusk was nominated one of the top 3 best restaurants in San Francisco on its architecture and decoration.

It was indeed beautiful, modern, strong and still cozy. Located in a small not-through street in SoMa, we came when they were soft-opening their Sunday brunches. Service was slow, but as they mentioned, they were still adjusting to the menu and schedule. Food was delicious, drinks were okay and we had a great experience. 

Are we coming back? Most likely yes, but in few months. Let's they get into full speed. :)