Feb 14, 2011

Great China, Chinese Restaurant, Downtown Berkeley

I have been quite absent from the blog.  And now coming back I have new cool posts to bring up and share with you!   We have been out trying different cuisines, a bunch of new brunch spots, burritos from the top 5 of SF, and cooking some new recipes.

Today, I am going to share one of my favorite Chinese spots in the Bay Area: Great China. It's a cozy restaurant located in downtown Berkeley.

From time to time, we crave and go after the delicious sweet & sour soup and divine Peking duck that is crunchy and matches so well the oyster sauce and green onions on a gorgeous little roll.

Tip: they don't accept reservations for parties smaller than 6 people.  So either arrive early for dinner (5:30ish - 6pm) or be prepare to wait some time.

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