Jan 14, 2011

Piselli, Italian Restaurant, São Paulo, Brazil

For a special dinner, I went on a hunt for a nice place. I found it to be harder than I expected. The first searching criteria was: restaurant for Sunday (it was the anniversary day) dinner in São Paulo, Brazil serving good Brazilian cuisine.

Answers? Didn't find one that was open for Sunday dinner. I even called Dalva e Dito, made a reservation and after few minutes, they contacted me again to apologize that they were actually closed on Sunday dinners - "I can make it for lunch though", the host mentioned. 

Then, I changed the search and just broaden it up to a nice restaurant that open for Sunday dinner and that was not a pizzeria (pizza restaurant). 

In the end, the search was worth it. We had Sunday dinner at Piselli, located on Rua Padre João Manuel, almost corner with Rua Estados Unidos in the Jardins neighborhood. 

We had an amazing dinner, the food was incredible: fresh, very well prepared and perfectly balanced. I had one of the best fresh cod dishes I have ever tried: it came with a salted crust, a gorgeous mashed yucca and a balsamic reduction. The hubby tried the filet mignon payard which was also delicious. Service was amazing and we will definitely come back. 

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