Jan 2, 2011

Pão de Mel (Honey bread), Munik Chocolates, São Paulo, Brazil

Just one word: wonderful! 

I love the milk chocolate one, tender, soft, sweet, moist and amazing. It was voted one of the 10 best delicacies in São Paulo under R$5 (about US$3; it costs R$4.40 in December 2010) 
by Epoca São Paulo magazine in 2008.

You can find them in few shopping malls around the city. 

More info in Portuguese (sorry...): http://www.chocolatesmunik.com.br/ 


π said...

Ai, AMO!!!
aquele recheio molhadinho de leite... OMG, tô babando.

Giselle said...

eu tbm AMO! nossa, trouxe poucos e chegaram amassadinhos! Ainda assim, divinos!