Jan 16, 2011

Jean Philippe Chocolates, Aria Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas + New Contributor

It's a great pleasure to welcome our Art of Savouring new contributor: my dear friend Masae! She has a lot to add to our blog here, as she brings in a broad, sensible and refined knowledge on life and food. Besides having her professional career, she also has deep background on art and enjoys cooking. 

Thank you for sharing your experiences here. I appreciate it ;)

By Masae, from Las Vegas

One of my favorite places to spend time on the Strip in Las Vegas is the Aria, Hotel/Casino, where you can find a great sweets shop which is impossible to hate! Jean Philippe is the place you must go.

The chef, Jean Philippe, is from Southern part of France, and was selected the Best Pastry Chef in France in 1997. Since I moved to LV, I choose their products as gifts for my family and friends. People love them! You can order online, how neat!

Start with the chocolate cookies, which won the world pastry championship in 2002, their signature chocolates are very delicious not only to your mouth but also to your eyes. The colorful cakes lined up neatly in the showcase are tempting, pastries, sandwiches, crepes and even ice cream!

You won't be able to make a single mistake in choosing any from their shop. Everything tastes good. It is Heaven indeed....

There are two shops in LV: one at the Bellagio & at the newly opened Aria. I often go to Aria shop, they have cafe beside the casino. It is a convenient place to have a break casually between the shopping.

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