Jan 11, 2011

Brigaderia, Shopping Higienopolis, Sao Paulo, Brazil

With the Brazilian economy booming, there are many cute little place opening all over the country, specially in São Paulo. Brigaderia is a cafe that serves delicious sorted brigadeiros. 

Brigadeiro is a typical Brazilian sweet delicacy made with cocoa powder and condensed milk; a traditional hit on kids' birthday parties as well as grown-ups get together reunions. They are served in individual bite size portions and you eat many of them back to back. 

The cafe is located in Shopping Higienópolis, located in the same name neighborhood, 25 minutes by car (with medium traffic) distance from Paulista Avenue. The place is vividly decorated, offers a great expresso coffee to pair and sit down to chat. The decoration is cute and the brigadeiros are incredible. I loved the lemon and nutella. 

The mall was recently remodeled and received new stores. I felt it was very enjoyable to walk around, take a look on the shops, chat with friends and enjoy a brigadeiro + coffee. 

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π said...

nom nom!

Tem uma no Shop. Paulista tb, tinha até pensado em ir lá fazer um texto e tirar umas fotos... Mas é tão irresistível que deixei pra um dia em que eu não estivesse de TPM! heheheh!