Jan 8, 2011

Brazilian homemade pastries and sweets

From the top: esfiha, coxinha, pastel

I love the Brazilian fried pastries. Specially when they are homemade. They pair really well with extremely cold chopp (a fresh draught beer). 

Esfiha is inspired on the Lebanese-Syrian culture influences, it is a baked pastry prepared with soft potato dough and filled with ground beef (could be other fillings).

Coxinha is inspired on the chicken drumstick shape, it is a fried pastry prepared with potato and filled with a moist mixture: chicken, vegetables and spices.

Pastel is a Brazilian version of empanadas. With a crispy thin dough, the filling is secretly moist. My favorites are cheese and beef. 

From the top: arroz doce (sweet rice) & brigadeiros (prepared with chocolate powder & condensed milk)

And the sweets? Some people say Brazilians like sweets extremely sweet. 

I have to agree and include myself!

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