Dec 2, 2010

Samovar Tea Lounge, Yerba Buena Gardens, San Francisco

Sometimes, half way through the busy routine life, you just need a pause to sip a great tea and enjoy a nice conversation. Finding a good place to do that can be a challenge around cities that live in a rush. Samovar is this place. While enjoying an extensive selection of tea and good small plates to pair with them, there is a perfect place to enjoy silence, read a book, get updated on the emails and/or talk to a good friend. 

I was introduced to this place through a great friend and since then, I always think of her while going there. For a mid-afternoon break or to grab a light snack, this a great spot. On a side note, I just would like to mention that after going there for almost two years, I felt a difference on their service - on this last time I went. It was not as attentive and friendly as always, my friend also felt that. Maybe it was just that day or it was just us. 

I love the Jasmine Pearl Tea, but they also have great chai and oolongs. Their chocolate chip bread pudding, scone, dolmas and salads are also delicious. They have three locations around the city, but my favorite is still the Yerba Buena Gardens one. 

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π said...

hmmm... que saudades desse lugar!
bjoca :)