Dec 11, 2010

Monk's Kettle, Mission, San Francisco

I guess you already can tell that we have been hopping around gourmet beer bars around the SF Bay Area. Each of them has their own special character and an interesting flare. This time, we went to Monk's Kettle in the Mission District. I passed by the bar few times but never would have thought they served beer. Kettle for me always reminded me of tea, much more when it's associated to the monk.

The small place offers great selection of European beers, some of the same offered at La Trappe and some slightly more expensive than elsewhere. Still, it's worth trying for their exclusive selection and their service, which was impeccable, friendly and knowledgeable. 

Food wise, the only thing we tried their chocolate chip cookie dessert and it was very hearty and delicious. The place gets packed all week long, we went on a Sunday afternoon and got no line and great crowd. It's a fun place and we will come back! 

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