Dec 5, 2010

La Trappe, Belgium Beer in San Francisco, North Beach

Few months ago, I posted a comment about La Trappe, the Belgium-style pub that is located in North Beach, when describing the La Chouffe pub in Amsterdam.

La Trappe offers an amazing selection of Belgium beers. To pair well with your choice, try great Belgian food: mussels, Belgian fries and delicious burgers! Whether the menu is simple, it pairs really well with the food.

The street level entrance doesn't give a real idea of what this place has to offer. Downstairs, you can find the pub and it's an amazing cozy place. Their beer menu is pretty much a book, where you can find through type of beer and their related page.

Once looking for type of beer, you have a great selection of brands and an informative description of each. The waiters there are knowledgeable and very helpful to describe and suggest different choices.

I go there few times a year and always have a raspberry Lambic - totally recommend it! It's one of those cozy places that doesn't change often, yet you always feel great about being there.

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