Nov 30, 2010

Wonderful Kee's Chocolates, SoHo, New York

The best things are hidden in small packages. One of the mandatory stops in NYC is stop by Kee's Chocolates and savour those beautiful jewels. Giving up a corporate world job, Kee started a flower and chocolate shop in 2002. A great friend of mine introduced me this beautiful tiny shop and since then, I am in love.

Well, she did the right thing. Her flower shop apparently went down, but her chocolate one has going really well. The handmade chocolates are delicious, fresh, perfectly balanced. The use of great ingredients make so much difference, resulting in a beautiful flavor. 

The macaroons I tried for the first time few weeks ago and were also equally delicious. While the dough is not as homogeneous as other ones I've tried, the crispy texture and the creativity on the flavors is divine.

I love the creme brulee, coconut, raspberry, sesame... it's hard to choose! 

If you happen to be in New York, stop by her SoHo shop and try one of these delicacies!

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