Nov 5, 2010

Voilà Paris!!

We finally made to Paris! For me, it's hard to think of enough time to stay and get to know all Paris has to offer, specially regarding food and culture. We loved the way the live, relate to each other and see life. The way of living is so beautiful, poetic and they do have their own pace (I didn't want to be there with all the protests and threats that have been going on lately).

I think my largest remark is the one of the largest differences between American and French culture: "the first live to work" and the latest "work to live". As a great friend living in Paris told me: a lot of Parisians live without having much nor working too hard, but they live as if they owned the world and had all the time to do it. And simple as that (of course, it's not a rule, just a bold stereotype), it helps us understand a little bit what goes on their minds and why things are the way they are. 

Paris, for me, is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and one of the most romantic indeed. (What do you think?) We expected people to treat tourists bad (as some people had warned me), but quite the opposite happened. They were courteous and friendly in stores and on the streets. One of them even guided us to reach the place we wanted to go and on the way chatted with us!

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