Nov 15, 2010

Montmatre cool spots, Paris

Distant from the main touristic spots but with a countryside flair of glamour, Montmatre still has the charm and laid back breeze of Paris. The main spot is the Sacré-Coeur, the majestic Catholic church that is located there. Not only the church is beautiful, but the view of Paris from there is also breathtaking. Bars, cafés, restaurants, street vendors are also very charming and worth checking them out (yes, there are also a bunch of souvenir shops). 

A spot that I personally really enjoyed was the Biscuiterie de Montmatre. The store has lovely delicious French cookies (they are different from the American ones). You won't find chocolate chip cookies there, but instead buttery delicate cookies. It sort of reminds me of the cookies sold in American stores on those large metallic boxes, but believe me... better! They are moist, crunchy and very delicious.

More information on Biscuiterie de Montmatre:

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