Nov 27, 2010

The delicious flavors of New York

This year has been really special. After Europe, New York came into sight to visit wonderful friends in the city. The city that never sleeps has a very characteristic energy and aromas. In a tiny area that is Manhattan, you can indeed find everything and anything you can imagine. For just three days and with great guidance and planning from my friend Paula, I tasted so many delicious and unforgettable moments and tastes.

From a delicious milkshake from Shake Shack to taking me to the Chelsea Market, we went to the Top of the Rock, dined at Annisa, Park Avenue Autumn, Buddhakan and En Brasserie. We also had stomach for Kee's Chocolates (which will come in a separate post) and spontaneous laughs watching "A Life in the Theater" at Broadway. 

But most of all, these were days to enjoy great company and that indeed makes the moments fabulous and unforgettable. A warm hug from a great friend, playing with Milo (their cute dog), chatting about everything and whatever are what made these few days so incredible and memorable!! 

I won't make special posts dedicated to each of the restaurants & spots we visited, but definitely drop some places you should definitely visit while in NYC. 

Annisa  |  Coming from a celebrity Chef, you can already expect a lot. But Annisa went over my expectations on how creative and delicious it can be, "the best Asian in NYC". Try their black sable (it was the best fish I have ever ate in my life!!) and lemon bread pudding with poppy seed (oh my God, it was very amazing!) --- one of the best meals ever!

Park Avenue Autumn  |  The restaurant changes the decoration and menu completely every season of the year. For the autumn season, orange-y and brownish shades were chosen. It was a delicious brunch!!

Buddhakan  |   "Do you remember Carrie Bradshaw rehearsal dinner on Sex and The City 1?" is what I heard upon entering this fabulous and glamorous place, located right by the Chelsea Market. The food was comforting and great, try the lobster rice and delicious dumplings. 

En Brasserie  |  While I am biased Japanese lover food, this place had it all together in delicious flavors. Unfortunately, they didn't have the freshly made tofu that day, but the wagyu beef and small dishes were perfectly mastered, very good! 

Shake Shack  |  My friend Paula recommended and she was right! Their milkshake was incredible!!! Get it to go as we did and keep sightseeing. 

Top of the Rock  |  On the heart of Rockefeller Center, right by Saks at Fifth Avenue, this sight point has a gorgeous view, Empire State Bldg included. It has became more and more popular lately, so give enough time for the lines, specially close to the holidays. Totally worth it!

A Life in the Theater  |  This comedy will be on for a short time and it's delicious to watch it. In the beginning, I felt off track for the humor, but after few sketches, it was on, very funny!! 

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