Oct 6, 2010

Special Review: Gary Danko, Fisherman's Wharf San Francisco

Each person like to celebrate special days in different ways. Some drink, others go party, others shop... I like to celebrate great occasions with good food, either cooking or eating out. 
I always get amazed how talented chefs can do so much with the same ingredients that I might have on the refrigerator but with all their good techniques and abilities (that I don't have ;). They can create so many different flavors, combinations, pairings, textures and aromas. It's a fascinating science for me! They take the best advantage out of fresh ingredients, good sources and exquisite flavors.

Foie Gras --- the best one I have ever tasted!

Gary Danko is a recognized Chef established in San Francisco. His restaurant is located in the Fisherman's Wharf, but a little distant from the Pier 39 touristic spots. His cuisine style combines French, Mediterranean and American influences. The menu is set in prix-fixe menu courses, with the flexibility that you can "mix&match" your favorite choices... for example, you can savour all lobster dishes you may want or all the desserts you feel like within those four or five courses. 

For a table of four, we tried many unique combinations and the dishes were so fresh and tasty. I have tried there the best foie gras I ever tasted. Very delicious! The other dishes were equally divine. One interesting to point was - in my lay language - that I LOVED to feel the way the dishes smelled, the aroma was so inspiring!

I definitely do recommend this spot. If you want to surprise your loved one and/or want to celebrate a special day, give this place a try. The price tag is in the high range, but they do give you great options of choices as far as three, four or five course menu. Their wine list is vast allowing you to choose in different ranges, with good quality. 

Make a reservation way ahead to guarantee a spot there - the place runs out of tables quickly.

More info on Gary Danko: www.garydanko.com
Price range: $$$$

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