Oct 16, 2010

Ombre Rosse Cafe, Trastevere, Rome

There is no way to come to Italy and not think about food. It's hard to find someone that doesn't enjoy on savouring some Italian food: pasta, pizza, gelato, bruschetta, prosciutto, cannoli, wine, cheese... While in Rome, we ate all those things. And we learned few things, Italians don't put shredded cheese over tomato sauced pasta, for example. Nutella is something super common in gelatos here. The al dente is really perfectly cooked here, everywhere you go. 

Following our travel guide, we went walking to explore the bohemian neighborhood Trastevere, with all the bars, restaurants and international crowd. Amid all this diversity, we stopped to check Ombre Rosse Cafe for an afternoon snack. We tried two of their local beers and a delicious prosciutto panini. Famous for the nightlife, we found Trastevere still waking up when we were there: lazy, slow and very friendly. Perfect pause for all the sightseeing. 

And for our amusement, there were shooting a Italian TV series on the brewery right in front of us! 

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Jere said...

Ombre Rosse is a cool spot, just around the corner from the Santa Maria basilica (Basilica di Santa Maria in Trastevere) which is another notable - and sacred - destination in Trastevere...but not nearly as refreshing as Ombre Rosse! The beer, snacks, and the vibe really hit the spot after walking around the maze of streets for hours. Beware, you might want to order another beer while you wait on the check cause it will be a while. When in Rome...relax!