Oct 20, 2010

La Canoleria Siciliana, Rome

Cannoli are Sicilian pastry desserts, they look like a dough tube, filled with a soft fluffy sweet cream filling. I am definitely not an expert on preparing them, but I can tell you when I try a good one. I have my favorite one in San Francisco, as described [here]. And I was on a mission to try a delicious one while in Rome.

Asked few people, read a couple of reviews, until we definitely reached La Canoleria Siciliana! They make different types of cannoli, with a large selection of fillings, flavors and sizes. I had the traditional one and it was amazing! The cannoli tube was very crispy and crunchy. Filled with a light, delicate sweetness. Combined they were just divine. 

More information about La Canoleria Siciliana: www.lacannoleriasiciliana.it

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