Oct 25, 2010

Jupiter Brewery, Downtown Berkeley

Jupiter is a brewery-pizza place located in Downtown Berkeley. My first time there was about five years ago with friends that always describe this spot as the nice place to relax, meet friends, enjoy great beer & pizza and get some nice music.

Five years later, coming and going, we went back there again to remember the old times. The place has a fabulous outdoor patio, perfect for a early happy hour or a lunch by the sun. It also has a fire, for the chilly times that do come. 

The atmosphere is very casual and some evenings they offer live music. They have a great selection of beer, while I always stick with the Hefeweizel (the wheat beer). The pizza has some interesting toppings, check it [here], this time, we ordered a garlic mozzarella bread and a pizza with two toppings: Theokleia and Cassiopeia

I recommend this place, specially if you are in a laid back mood and want to enjoy the Berkeleyan atmosphere!

More information about Jupiter Berkeley: www.jupiterbeer.com

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Jere said...

Great post about Jupiter! I like that you highlight meeting friends and enjoying the live music, because to me that's what Jupiter is about. The food and drinks are great, but when I think of Jupiter I think of the friends/groups that we are with - of course we're always enjoying the pizza and beers too! Definitely the spot in Berkeley to meet a friend for the next happy hour.