Oct 14, 2010

The classical beauty of Rome

Rome is one of the cities that holds the most history in the world. On the same level as Athens, Beijing and few more, pretty much every corner of this ancient city can tell a story written in many many books. Some spots can tell you what happened way before Christ time - the so called B.C. (before Christ). 

Despite the traffic chaos and the subway lines that don't necessarily go everywhere (the archeological treasuries are always found when building up), the beauty of Rome is everywhere. On the Italian people that are really gorgeous and charming; on the food, delicious, tasty and flavorful; on the values, so much related to the family and the dolce far niente (roughly: the art of doing nothing) and for sure, on the architecture and history.

We walked all over Rome and did most of the sightseeing all walking. It was indeed a great way of getting to know the city, while it was also the most tiring spot we have been. Piazza Navona, Fontana di Trevi, Sistine Chapel, Mouth of Truth, Colosseum, Trastevere, Vatican City and St Peter's Basilica were among the spots we visited. Each of them with its own personality and story sort of help to make the puzzle history together.

But we also saw some interesting scenes along the way. Gorgeous bookshops, charming stores, open markets, huge tomatoes and wild mushrooms/truffles. And I took so many pictures. One interesting thing I noticed is that the Latin countries have so much in common. I knew they have the same root language and friendly culture, but I could tell the similarities also on the way the open markets were set up, for example. The fruits and vegetables are equally amazing as elsewhere, but the display has the same pattern. 

Along the way, I fell in love for the old cars that are all over town. These old cars, which fits one/two people, doesn't have air bag, air conditioning, but are so adorable.

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