Oct 31, 2010

Bar Lobo, Las Ramblas, Barcelona

There is nothing like exploring a city being a local. Or at least as if you were a local. Maybe my love for Barcelona was because I had a wonderful friend that is from and lives there. La Rambla is an arbored boulevard located in Central Barcelona; it connects the Plaza Catalunya to the Port Vell. 

Bar Lobo is located on a crossing street of La Rambla and few blocks distant from the Mercado de la Boquería. This place is fabulous for a tapas dinner or a Sunday brunch. The atmosphere is relaxed, friendly and the food is delicious.

I had tried their seafood dish (which ressembles a paella), gaspacho, patatas bravascrema catalana (which is similar to a crème brûlée), few other tapas in a group of friends. The food is an updated version of the Spanish classics --- delicious!  The place is simple, casual and amazing! 

More info on Bar Lobo: http://www.grupotragaluz.com/barlobo/


תומר said...

Hi Giselle!
i enjoyed reading your blog on barcelona . i seek for unique places to eat and go out to my website.
what do you recommend?

barcelona ramblas

Giselle said...

I am happy you enjoyed reading the blog about Barcelona!

I spent few days there last year and loved the Boquería Market, Isabella Bar at the 1848 Hotel and Bar Lobo. Recently, a friend mentioned the Champagnería and she totally recommended it. Next time, I will try it!