Sep 23, 2010

Pancakes!, Nine Streets, Amsterdam

Pancakes! Amsterdam is a small, simple, two tables, cozy spot that serves Dutch, American, Korean pancakes. They serve different types of pancakes' recipes from all over the world. The walk from downtown took about 20 minutes and it's very worth it.

The Dutch pancakes are very similar to the French crêpe, in size, thickness and taste: delicious! They also serve the traditional American ones: stack of thick smaller ones. 

Another great item to be tried while in Amsterdam is the fresh mint tea. It tastes so refreshing and warm at the same time. 

We have tried the pancakes with smoked salmon, guacamole, salad pits and crème fraîche and another one with chicory, ham, camembert and raspberry sauce. Both are very tasty, mixing local and global flavors in the recipes. The spot is great option, give you the energy to bike around town and go sightseeing. I totally recommend it! 

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Ivan said...

tô bem Gi! Não preciso nem perguntar se você tá bem né..ahuauauhuhaahhuaa..
Deve estar muito mal provando esse monte de comida que parece (e pelo que você descreve) ser muito boa...

vou lá pra ITU(mbiara) no feriado do dia 9 a 12 de outubro! Vou lá fazer uma visita pro Di e pra Bá...e visitar seus pais!

Giselle said...

Venha me visitar também!! :)

Poxa, queria eu ir estar indo pra Itumbiara... daqui alguns meses estarei por aí! E a Mari, está bem? beijos pros dois!