Sep 23, 2010


On one of the special reports for The Art of Savouring, I would like to mention the joy I had experimenting and living different cultures. I always love digging into a new book about a new country, its culture and habits; contrasts, contradictions, beauties, learnings. Much more so if I get to experience in real life.

We went to farmers' markets, simple convenience stores, mom&pa, neighborhood shops, fancy grocery stores and specialty shops, always trying to see what was offered and how Europeans do and try what they eat (I am still amazed how French can be thin, smoking and eating all that great food!)

The trip was very fun, and of course, included tasting good food and savouring the great local flavors. On this special series, I will post and present places that will enhance your experience not just as eating. A peaceful place, a gorgeous view, a cultural spot, I will bring here the top savouring spots, the ones I enjoyed the most! Hope you like it.

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