Sep 23, 2010

Pancakes!, Nine Streets, Amsterdam

Pancakes! Amsterdam is a small, simple, two tables, cozy spot that serves Dutch, American, Korean pancakes. They serve different types of pancakes' recipes from all over the world. The walk from downtown took about 20 minutes and it's very worth it.

The Dutch pancakes are very similar to the French crêpe, in size, thickness and taste: delicious! They also serve the traditional American ones: stack of thick smaller ones. 

Another great item to be tried while in Amsterdam is the fresh mint tea. It tastes so refreshing and warm at the same time. 

We have tried the pancakes with smoked salmon, guacamole, salad pits and crème fraîche and another one with chicory, ham, camembert and raspberry sauce. Both are very tasty, mixing local and global flavors in the recipes. The spot is great option, give you the energy to bike around town and go sightseeing. I totally recommend it! 

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On one of the special reports for The Art of Savouring, I would like to mention the joy I had experimenting and living different cultures. I always love digging into a new book about a new country, its culture and habits; contrasts, contradictions, beauties, learnings. Much more so if I get to experience in real life.

We went to farmers' markets, simple convenience stores, mom&pa, neighborhood shops, fancy grocery stores and specialty shops, always trying to see what was offered and how Europeans do and try what they eat (I am still amazed how French can be thin, smoking and eating all that great food!)

The trip was very fun, and of course, included tasting good food and savouring the great local flavors. On this special series, I will post and present places that will enhance your experience not just as eating. A peaceful place, a gorgeous view, a cultural spot, I will bring here the top savouring spots, the ones I enjoyed the most! Hope you like it.

Sep 8, 2010

The Art of Savouring will review and discover spots in Europe!

I will be in Europe for few weeks and bring back some good reviews for you!

Stay tuned!

Sep 4, 2010

Wayfare Tavern, Financial District San Francisco

I love their décor
open kitchen
Fresh parmesan popover
Chef's Salad
Cowgirl Ricotta Ravioli
Organic Pork Sausage --- the Daily Special of Monday
Chocolate birthday cake (I brought it from a bakery!)
Great service --- they brought this ice cream to pair with the cake!

Very recently opened, Wayfare Tavern is a modern, upper scale, new American cuisine restaurant in the Financial District in San Francisco. The area was indeed missing having a good option on that range at walking distance.

Atmosphere is bubbling at lunch time and the decoration is somewhat oldie and resembles a mixture of an old pub but with some Western and modern touches.

All the dishes were amazing and beautiful. The flavors were incredible, perfectly balanced and extremely fresh! Don't miss out and try either (or both) the Cowgirl Ricotta Ravioli and/or the daily specials!

As a newly opened spot, the service was still not as agile and coordinated as it should be; it was friendly and courteous, but it still lacks some good touches up. Food was delicious, really well prepared and incredibly fresh.

The New American cuisine brings unusual combination, but I have to say prepared creatively well. It's one of my favorite now. I will definitely come back, since I loved the food.

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