Aug 25, 2010

Il Fornaio, Fisherman's Wharf San Francisco

Italian Cuisine promotes in a lot of us so many comfort feelings. Pasta, pizza, gelato, bread, wine... they all match up so well together and best of all, goes so well with our palate (no wonders, it's all those carbs... ;)
Il Fornaio is a hidden spot in a more business than touristic part of Fisherman's Wharf. They serve homemade pasta that is so deliciously made and served with sauce of real tomatoes. It's one of those simple dishes that can be perfected and taste so incredible.
I have been there few times and love the Linguine Mare Chiaro, made with perfectly cooked pasta, good variety of seafood and the real tomatoes sauce... delicious!
They also serve brunch on weekends, but it's not that specialty on my point of view. 

Overall, I enjoy this place. It's down to earth, not as touristic as an usual North Beach spot, has a good cost-benefit relationship, and  is a good spot when you want some simple, made well in a calm environment (yes, there are days we want that!). I also went there on a work farewell lunch and worked greatly too.

Price range: $$

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