Aug 12, 2010

Gather Restaurant, Downtown Berkeley

Roasted corn jalapeno pizza
Boar meatballs with wild rice
Spicy young chicken with polenta "verde", braised greens, roasted Anaheim chili-baby Torpedo onion sauce
Special of the day: fish!
House-made ice cream: ginger saffron
Another house-made ice cream and muffins
Peach crisp

This is my second time dining at Gather. While I have heard great things about their food, when on our first time there, my personal experience was not that great. Food was indeed good, but we were in a group of 6 friends and I felt service was a little rushed on us. I totally understand their side of the job, they had recently opened and we were probably delaying their services. At the same time, usually tables of 6 or more, are presumably supposed to take longer to dine. Point made.

On my second experience, in a calmer sunny day, for an early dinner service, my experience was great. I enjoyed the food so much more, fresh ingredients, interesting combinations, seasonal flavors, delicious textures. I loved so much the pizza and the way they prepare the dough. The chicken was also incredible, tender, moist and very flavorful. My dish was the fish... while the flavor was indeed one of the best I have ever tasted it, I have a difficulty dealing with eating fishes with bones. Maybe it is just me. Don't let it prevent you from trying - it was amazing! 

Desserts were a separate chapter. Creative, innovative, simple, they are incredible! 

Overall, I will definitely come back after to Gather. Food was very savoury and creative. And I had great company! 

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