Aug 9, 2010

Chaya Vegetarian Restaurant, Mission District, San Francisco

Down in the Gourmet Ghetto in Berkeley, on Shattuck Avenue, right by Virginia St, there was always a line in front of a small restaurant spot for dinners. That's indeed a sign of something special going on there. Chaya Vegetarian Restaurant has spots in Berkeley and San Francisco, in the Mission District. Famous for their creative vegetarian sushis and noodles, the place offers the art of good Japanese food while using vegetables and the delicate mixture of Japanese seasonings and flavors. The dishes present somewhat a subtle flavor, intrinsic from the Japanese cuisine that I fully enjoy. I always order noodles (primarily soba, but the udon is also delicious) with tempura or mushrooms. The nabeyaki is also very tasty.

The place in Berkeley is very small, which other than the good food, explains the usual lines. San Francisco usually has no line, but it's cash only.  The service is friendly, Japanese polite and kind. If you are looking for a light meal with delicate but delicious flavor, that's the place to be. I have to emphasize though that for some people the flavors might taste light too blend. I love it!

More info on Chaya Vegetarian Restaurant:
(415) 252-7825 (they don't have a website)
Price range: $ 


Anonymous said...

Mmmmm, so good! I wish I lived in Berkeley!!

Giselle said...

That's actually a good idea! Come live in Berkeley! ;)