Aug 22, 2010

bushi-tei, Japantown San Francisco

The initiative of combining French and Japanese cuisine inspires many Chefs around the world. Few years ago, it was the exotic thing to perform Fusion culinary in any way. Lately, it has been quite common to find this combination, which build up the standards for the uniqueness and creativity. 

Bushi-tei is located in Japantown San Francisco, close by to many other touristic spots in the area, but also surrounded by the great ambiance of a location a lot alike few neighborhoods in Japan. 

Two good points to mention: I had heard about this spot previously in restaurant reviews, but made my way there using a bloomspot ticket, which right of the bet, raised my warning flags that might be something going on, other than just marketing.

Anyway, I got rid of my suspicious thoughts and decided to enjoy. For those who doesn't know, I love Japanese and French food. I enjoy different aspects of them and they are among my favorites. 

This time, however, I was disappointed on what I tried. Food was good, but not as incredible as I thought it would be. They try to use ingredients in a new way, but trying hard was not enough. Food was far from the starred cuisine I was expecting to savour. For that reason, I won't detail the dishes here as there were not the ones who stood out. 

Service was friendly but quite pushy. I was joined on this meal by two dear foreigners that needed help choosing their dishes. The waiter was quite inpatient and pushy. In a tentative of helping, he ended up being too much. Bad point there. 

The relationship of cost-benefit was unbalanced, savouring and fabulous experience was not reached so I don't recommend this spot. Sorry. 

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