Jul 9, 2010

Mike & Patty's Breakfast Spot in Bay Village, Boston

There is nothing like an app. I don't get any benefit for mentioning this here, but the internet and mobile portability introduced and made us very used to their convenience. Arriving in a red eye flight into Boston, we were looking for a place for breakfast/brunch. Mike & Patty's came up as the best option, great reviews and good price. We were looking for a place where we could get in and out quickly, eat well and lower price range.

On the corner of Church St & Fayette St, this tiny spot is a great buy. In the middle of a quiet neighborhood, this breakfast spot offers small selection of sandwiches. That doesn't limit them on mastering what they do. The few tables around give a chance for you to savour their flavors taking good advantage of the quietness and the sun.
Three people mastered the art of getting and preparing the order, made specially for each client. The public perception surprised me, as there were people coming to try their goodies for a late breakfast on a weekday - that definitely shows something. Their strength is the sandwiches, specially the ones inspired on the traditional French croque monsieur.  

Inspired by that, I ordered a croque madame (ham and gruyere with dijon crème fraîche, broiled on pain de mie and served with a small green salad, topped with a fried egg).

Although it was breakfast time, we couldn't pass the chance of trying the original grilled cheese (gruyere and american cheeses with collard greens and tomato on pain de mie). 

The idea of having collard greens on a croque sandwich was intriguing. Best to say, the result was significantly positive. The greens didn't overpower the sandwich and the flavors combined beautifully. It was worth the shot. 

We paired the sandwiches with great coffee and tea. The wait was not bad at all and we did enjoy the sun and the food made to order. 

In the end, the mission was successfully accomplished. And if you happen to be around there and enjoy these type of sandwiches, give it a try. 

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