Jul 9, 2010

Foreign Cinema Restaurant in San Francisco Mission District

The idea of mixing different types of art matches well the use of the human senses and can touch various emotions. It's wonderful to see them combined, specially when used on "unrelated"  activities: wine making & art exhibitions; flowers & sweets and food & movie presentations (In fact, I truly believe on the interactions among art types).
On the same note, Foreign Cinema started more than ten years ago at the Mission District presenting foreign movies and offering a daily changing menu inspired on the Mediterranean/Californian cuisine fusion for dinner and weekend brunches. 

The somewhat hidden entrance leads its way to a sunny and spacious patio on the back. The retractable roof perfects the art of making the customers feel comfortable. The high ceilings are part of the indoor decoration, where modern matches casual & simple, still stylish and cozy. 
Foreign and independent films are screened in the covered outdoor courtyard. Black and white movies are also presented. 
(Unfortunately, I haven't attended the film sessions yet. My past experiences there were only for Sunday brunch. Sunny late morning brunches are a great time to be there. Should time permit, please try to make a reservation ahead. Late brunches around 2pm are not crowded and reservations might not be necessary.)
Previously, I had read the "pop tart" was incredibly famous. I could easily understand why. Freshly baked daily in house, these delicious tarts are a great way to open your appetite. As a suggestion, one might be enough for two, without spoiling the entrée. The beauty of its texture, good concentration of the sugar and the fruity flavor melt on your mouth gracefully. 
Although I am not a traditional fan of bloody mary, Foreign Cinema offers one that is unbeatable for a hangover, a hot day or just for its "nutritional" value. 

As part of the Californian influences, fresh fruits and vegetables are widely used. Seasonal produce is also a great commodity here and they work hard on keeping flavors in perspective. 

The eggs couldn't be missed and they are done in creative ways, quite often taking good advantage of herbs and spices. For main entrées, I recommend the crab frittata, which was prepared fabulously with fresh crab and garnished with lighted seasoned salad. The lamb sliders in focaccia bread was also amazing. Well prepared and seasoned, beautiful combination of flavors. 

Foreign Cinema is one of my favorite spots for brunch in San Francisco. They present a good variety of options on their menu and the price range is adequate. The ambiance is very nice, service is perfect and very courteous. My only complain is parking around Mission District. They have valet parking at $10-12, but we usually find street parking. As a side note, I have timed few times, finding a spot can take from 10 to 35 minutes. It's totally worth the wait and you can also take a good walk around the neighborhood. 

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